Lothlòrien project: Completed work

Here you will find a compilation of images of all work i've completed! As I have only just started  this will appear somewhat bare, sad times. But keep checking this spot out!

Completed Work

Galadhrim Warrior Preview

Here is preview of what i expect my Galadhrim warrior army to look like, i'm quite pleased with the result!!

Haldir Elves 

Completed haldir elves (the shields will be replaced eventually). See the full blog post (more Pictures).

Army List

Here is my "dream" army I've been talking about, I will be be building this and posting pics as my mighty army assembles!!Oh and guess who the leader will be?! The all mighty, powerful, beautiful Galadriel!

Force stats
Base Point limit 1000 Pts (actual cost 970 Pts)
Might 6

Inner Glory

Galadrial, Lady of Lothlorien
*Celeborn, Lord of Lothlorien

Common Formations
6 Galadhrim Warrior's with shields and sword
4 Galadhrim Warrior's hand weapons and long bows
*4 Galadhrim Warrior's hand weapons and long bows
2 Galadhrim Knights with shields (*changed to 4 companies)

*When the army point limit is 1500 these changes are made


  1. Galadhrim Knights are rare...

    And if its a Lorien army, why put thranduil in. I love the conversions you've made though

  2. Well as far as themes go i've allied him in. I've done some stats etc and he is the second best hero to have (the best hero to have to support a archer formation) from the elves of mirkwood and lothlorien.