Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Galadhrim Warrior Preview

Ok well i've been away for a couple of weeks but had a free evening to do a single miniature and based it when i got home (all my stuff arrived safely home form Total Wargamers). Just a kind of brief sneek-preview of the colour scheme and style i'm goign for with my Lothlorien army! The colour scheme i used was the same that i used for the haldir elves :) .. with a few minor changes.

The cloak and underskirt were blended (my first attempt at miniature blending) and for the underskirt i used codex grey blending up to skull white.  I did some harsh highlights on the cloak of skull white.

Enjoy!! (remember to click the images for a better look)


  1. Nice job and good to see an elven army in the making. Just an observation: The body army of the elves here, between chest area and lower skirts, is actually brown leather. The 'eavy metal team painted it wrong to my mind on the box. If you look closely at movie imagery or watch the appendices where they show you the suits of armour, you'll see what I mean. Have a look at mine on my blog if you wish.

  2. Thanks! Yeah i was aware of leather that protects the stomach of the elves, i did paint this part as the haldir elves but didn't like it and so decided to assume that they are plated

  3. Looks great Dave. I remember you showing us you models those years back. It has got me curious to look into the hobby, but right now other things beckon for my cash.