Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Paint me an army worthy of Lothlorien!

Ok, well I'm a bit excited about this whole new blogging experience and though I had already a an idea what to blog in my next post i thought I'd better leave it a day, can't look too keen hey? ;)

So my first task!? Well many articles suggest to develop modelling/painting skills before starting on main commanders of your army, so i need to start on my basic units. I already had some Haldir elves with swords and so I did a few of those to decide on my colour scheme. I'm using the regular colour scheme for the Galadhrim warriors but changing the cloaks, I'm using space wolves grey ... the reason being I'd rather have a lighter, more elegant look that the elven faction deserve. Rather than using the suggested 'Enchanted Blue'.

I'll get some pics up of my progress... so yeah my task? I'm getting to it! I need to sort out some Galadhrim elves armed with one handed glaives and shields. Now the box set provides 8 with glaives, 8 with spear and shields and 8 armed with bows. Makes me wonder what Games-workshop were thinking... elves with spears? (they look awful, not elven craftsmanship either), two-handed swords? (and sheilds can be used with them, you seen elves with three arms lately?).. anyway allows me to have fun converting them... so i need to convert the two-handed swords models and spear w/ shields models to wield one handed blades and a shield (with two hands)... which means i need to cast some shields and swords! (as i only have 8 of each). The first task! So I've got my brown putty (best for weapons, as this stuff doesn't bend but is as strong as green stuff). So now waiting for my 'Instant Mold' to arrive to cast my war-gear in!

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