Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Humble beginnings.

I'm sat here and have no idea where to start.. so I’ll start roughly 8 years ago.

I've always had a crazy interest in arts and even more in Lord of the Rings, in my teens it involved scribbling and doodling in classes and in my own time... as far as Lord of the Rings were concerned I collected a digital copy of everything to do with Lotr, I recently looked at my archive of rubbish I collected in my teens (on my External hard drive) and probably found way tooo many pics of Arwen, well, yeah this blog is not here to discuss my teen crushes... well maybe... mm should I explain myself? Ok let the record know I am actually happily married now...

So, moving on, I got into Games-Workshop Lord of the rings table top gaming to re-channel my ambition, ahem, it seems from female elves ;). Well I lie, actually I never really got into GW Lotr, I fantasised about my army and researched tactics, built my dream army and my dad would be kind enough to buy those costly miniatures for me every now and then as a young teen... I’ve always liked elves and so decided to collect an Elven army and so my dad would get me those sexy shiny Haldir's elves!! Yummy. But only had a handful to paint, and never enough to game with.

And so now that brings you up to date (in a nut-shell... a big nut). So here I’ll be posting you updates of my progress in the new released Lotr table top game War of the Ring (WoTR). My goal is to build a Lothlorien themed army (known to be not the best army as far as table top gaming is concerned, but hey I go crazy over pointy ears!)... even considered how i would convert Galadhrim elves to female... yh that would be hell... I’m over Arwen... honestly....

anyway... back to reality.

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