Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Haldir Elves: Paint scheme

Well here is some work that I've done just to practice some painting. The glaives long handle have been modified to look like 1 handed glaives.. the shields are upholstery nails (I think I got them about 7 years ago from either Homebase or B&Q - I have no clue if they are still in production!). I planned to build an entire army out of these guys as i think they look better but as Games workshop dont produce them anymore I'll use this along with other Galadhrim warriors for my core units.

Some more angles!!

The shields eventually will be re-placed with the Galadhrim Shields, when my casting material arrives!! (been waiting over a week for it to arrive now *crys*).

Here is my paint scheme if your interested

Base Dwarf Bronze
Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight 1 Shining Gold
Hightlight 2 Mithril Silver

Base Shining Gold
Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight 1 Shining Gold & Mithril Silver (1:1)
Hightlight 2 Mithril Silver

Base Chaos Black  & Fenris Grey (1:1)
Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight 1 Fenris Grey
Hightlight 2 Space Wolves Grey

Base Vomit Brown
Wash Devlan Mud (watered)
Highlight 1 Vomit Brown & Bleached Bone (1:1)
Hightlight 2 Bleached Bone

Red Leather
Base Calthan Brown & Red Gore (1:1)
Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight 1 Ref Gore
Hightlight 2 Red Gore & Vomit Brown (1:1)

Shoes (and other leather)
Base Calthan Brown & Chaos Black (2:1)
Wash Devlan Mud
Highlight 1 Calthan Brown
Hightlight 2 Calthan Brown & Bleached Bone (1:1)

Base Tallarn Flesh
Wash Devlan Mud (watered)
Highlight 1 Elf Flesh
Hightlight 2 Elf Flesh & Bleached Bone (1:1)


  1. Nice work. Casting those shields might be quite fiddly, and they are curved so that will probably cause a few problems? Anyway best of luck with that. After that I presume you will be adding some grass flock to bases? Elves looking nicer on grassy bases I think.

  2. Cheers, the curved shields did cause some problems and had a play around a bit to get it right, but managed to make them. i'll blog it all once i've finished converting this box-set.

    Yh i like the flock you've done, i'll be flocking them afer i've painted them all