Monday, 14 March 2011

Every penny counts

Ok so money is not exactly a surplus at the moment, me and my wife (Beth) are students and so I'm trying to find ways of saving money in my hobby.

I'm currently trying to work out how to base my units... I had used grass given from my uncle that wasn't very convincing and so as I will be a tax-payer (one-day) I helped myself to some grit-salt, conveniently supplied by our beloved government, with the reputation of this new silly government I got plenty of it just in-case Cameron’s cuts reach those pretty little yellow boxes found on the end of our streets.

So after a bit of prepping involving boiling water, a sieve and an oven.. wait, an oven you ask? Yeah well this particular constituent of sand has a body-centred cubic atomic arrangement and heating it at 67.4 degrees Celsius changes this to a face-centred cubic arrangement that allows... I’m kidding I was too impatient for the sand to dry so I baked some of it in the oven to test how well paint sticks to etc... :P
..long story short it works, so I’ll be using that, I’ve got 2 grades of sand; fine and coarse, I’ll use the coarse stuff to add rocks to the odd model to give some variety.
To be honest you can get quite enough sand for £3 from a local Model/Hobby shop... I just felt it un-necessary to give into commercialism and buy such a basic easily available natural material. So that means I can use 3 quid to get a pot of paint! Yay! ( inside joke with the wife).

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